Here are some fun facts about the book.

-I came up with concept of the story over a year before I started writing it.

-I started writing the book on November 14, 2015.

-Every cat that Mosstail meets on her journey is based on or inspired by a real person or character.

-The story was originally going to take place in the future so that all of the cats in the clans are different from the characters in the Warriors series. Since the main focus of the story is not on the clans themselves, I decided against this idea. I'm also too lazy to come up with a bunch of new cats that aren't important to the story. So, I guess you could say the story takes place in an AU (alternate universe) where Dovewing and Bumblestripe have a kit.

-Many references can be found throughout the story. They're pretty subtle unless you've heard/seen the thing it's from.

-Several chapters in the story are named after songs. These chapters are: